Bloat - for all your extraction needs


There are a few different package formats available for bloat. All links go to the mirror system.

Autopackage logo


If you're using Linux, the recommended installation method is with Autopackage. Autopackage is a distribution-neutral installer system. See the Autopackage web site for more details.

Please note that you won't be able to remove bloat via the graphical manager; you'll have to run package remove bloat instead.

[ Download Autopackage Installer | How to install Linux autopackages in 4 easy steps ]


If you use an RPM-based distro, and for some reason don't trust Autopackage, there is an RPM available for you. This should work on any distro that supports RPM.

[ Download RPM ]

Debian logo

Debian Package

As with RPM, if you use Debian or a Debian-based distro and don't want to trust Autopackage, there is a Debian package available. This should work on any distro that supports Debian packages (including Ubuntu).

[ Download Debian package ]

Tar download


If you don't use Linux, or don't want fancy package management, these are for you. Provided in both tar.gz and tar.bz2 formats. As bloat is a Perl script, there is no compilation to do, but the INSTALL file should tell you how to install.

[ Download .tar.bz2 | Download .tar.gz ]